DIY Fire Pit

If you ever find yourself swimming in water in your laundry room due to a broken washing machine, turn off the power, suck out the water, buy a new washing machine and smile….because now you can make yourself your very own fire pit perfect for roasting marshmallows using the washer bin from that danged ‘ol broken machine!


So you want to know how to make one of these right?

Well first you start by prying off the top and front of that old washer and unscrew anything holding the washer bin in. Keep the front panel of the washer to use underneath your fire pit to prevent any embers from reaching the ground! Once you manage to get the bin out, add some bolts to the bottom of the washer which will act as the feet or stand for your new fire pit. Don’t worry about drilling any new holes, just use the holes that are already in the bin..after all, we are trying to make this easy!

What's left of the old washing machine!
What’s left of the old washing machine!


Now that you have something for your pit to stand on, you’ll need to unscrew and remove the (sorry for the lack of proper technical terms) thingie that sits in the middle of the bin…this is what turned and agitated the clothes. Now that this is removed all you need to do is cut a piece of scrap metal to fit the hole the thingie left behind and attach with more bolts. You will need to drill holes in the piece of scrap metal here..just line them up with the screw holes that held the thingie in place.


Now you’re ready to get cookin…or heatin..or warmin..or whatever floats your boat! How about lighting this thing up and just sitting under the stars!



Of course we couldn’t resist the marshmallows!




Why are toasted marshmallows so stinkin good?



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