Addiction, Oh geese!

Hello…my name is Angie and I am a children’s book writer. I am addicted to stories. I can’t ever have just one. If you read me a story about the three little pigs, I start wondering about what if those three little pigs turned their homes into diners? Maybe the big bad wolf might be so inclined to sit and order up a burger and fries…and maybe even drop a coin or two into the jukebox. I mean, he’s probably just hungry right? I can be quite a bear when I’m starved, but sit me down and throw a pancake my way and I’m Glinda the good witch! I just wish I had Glinda’s wand. A sparkly wand would be so cool to have right? Sink full of dishes when a terrific story line just pops into your head? No Problem…use the sparkly wand! Can’t find a synonym for dazzling? Sparkly wand to the rescue…actually that’s to the rescue…and yes, there are tons of synonyms for dazzling, my favorite is pulchritudinous! Pulchritudinous…who but would ever come up with a word like that? Well, Webster I suppose, but introduced me to his brother and boy oh boy do I like the way these two operate! Sorry Webster, our time together will never be forgotten. This girl is in love. In love with reading. In love with writing. In love with the challenge. In love with the journey….Now if I could just get Patience to come around and teach me a few lessons on waiting for that yellow brick road, or that golden ticket, I’d be good to go!

Oh look…baby geese!

Geese with babies (14)

Found them in the water reservoir near the house..

Geese with babies (18)

Aren’t they lovely?

Geese 2014 (42)

Wherever Mama goes, you go…no matter the obstacle!

Geese 2014 (43)

Follow the leader…

Geese 2014 (46)

Geese 2014 (37)

Daddy’s always got your back!

Geese 2014 (38)

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