Winter Olympics and Q & A

Our homemade version of the luge!
Our homemade version of the luge!

The Olympics have started…are you watching? I love watching all of the sports, even the ones I don’t understand, like the one where you slide that thingy on the ice and try to make it stop on the bulls eye while commanding two teammates to clean the ice as you go! We may have to pick up this sport…my kitchen floor could use a good cleaning!


We watched the skeleton races the other night and the first thing I thought was…..
At what point do you say to yourself…I bet I can slide 80 mph down that ice chute…on my stomach…head first…here goes nothing!? Want to know what my kids first thoughts were? “That is so awesome!” Go figure! And that new event where they are skiing backwards up ramps to flip around in the air before landing…backwards again! Are you kidding me?


You know what sport I think they should add to the Winter Olympics next? Snow Dressing Your Children! That is a Winter Olympic sport if I ever heard one! By the time I get my kids all dressed and ready to go out I have broken a sweat, usually a nail or two, and have invented a new language to mumble so as not to curse in front of my children! Oh, wait..wait! I’ve got an even better one. How about the How fast can you push your van out of your garage to jump start it when you’re late for school and it’s snowing and 15 degrees outside? And the grande finale of the Games? Who can open their winter electric/gas bill without cursing, kicking the wall, screaming, crying or just plain passing out? If you can do this, you deserve the Gold!…
I Am A loser!


Ok, on to better things…..

I was thinking about my readers and wondering what do they really know about ME? Do they know I love, love, love listening to Jamie Johnson, Jack Ingram and Charlie Robison? Do they know A few of my most favorite songs are….

Front Porch Swing Afternoon

That’s Why I Write Songs

The Great Divide

My Hometown

Sheesh…I could go on and on and on….but then you wouldn’t get to read my self interview and learn all these fabulous things about me…like….

Favorite color? Green

Coke or Dr. Pepper? Dr. Pepper

Favorite Book?

Adult- Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Children- Ummm…can’t even imagine choosing just one so I’m gonna give you three because it’s my blog and I can !
1. The Best Pet Of All by David LaRochelle
2. The Gardener by Sarah Stewart
3. The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton


1. I can NOT read a magazine from front to back! Seriously,
I read them back to front and it drives Chicken crazy!

2. I’m a bit terrified of water…and I married a Navy guy…go figure!

3. I move furniture…a lot…like daily!

Something you find amazing? The telephone…or tv…or photographs! I guess I’m easy
to amaze!

Name one thing you’d rather pay someone to do than do yourself?

Clean the bathroom!
I. Have. 4. Boys!

Are you a pack rat? I don’t consider it packing…I consider it planning for the future!

Least favorite day of the week? Monday!

Places you’ve worked/ jobs.
1. Hostess at a steak joint
2. Nursery (gardener/sales clerk)
3. Specialty Gift shop
4. Oil Field…hard hat, steel toe boots and all! Yes. Seriously!
5. Nanny….NEVER AGAIN!
6. Gymnastics Coach
7. Interior Designer/Home Stager
8. Gold Canyon Candle Consultant
9. Children’s book author
10. Mama to 4…Definitely the best gig of all!
11. Entrepreneur (Etsy shop)

Cake or Pie? Cake…pie…cake…pie…cakepie…piecake?

Favorite section of the newspaper? Sports, classifieds and lifestyle..I find people’s life stories fascinating!

Coffee? Only on the mornings I prefer to be upright!

How often do you visit the nail salon? Once. That’s it! Once…That’s not sad is it?

Mountains or Beach? Mountains

Favorite T.V. show? Gilmore Girls and Everybody Loves Raymond (I like funny)

Favorite movie? Bye, Bye, Love

To fly or to drive? Drive, definitely!

Product you can’t live without? Carmex stick!

Biggest nuisance? Schedules…or maybe the ants that visit my kitchen every Spring!

Favorite Pro Sports team? GO SPURS GO!

Your hero? Jesus Christ!

Favorite Disney character? Donald Duck

How many different places/homes have you lived? 8..New Mexico, Texas, Florida, Washington State, Texas, Washington State, Maryland…In that order!What can I say, the NAVY likes to move people!

Alrighty then! Now it’s your turn! If you’ve made it this far, please choose at least one of the questions above for yourself and answer in the comments! I’d love to get to know my readers better!

Now, I’m off to watch some Luke & lorelai!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Kamie says:

    Wanna get to know me- Angie’s little sister? Ok here it goes……

    I’m an Aries-most dominant sign if the zodiac!!
    This is my 9th year of teaching 1st grade! And boy do I feel old!!
    Favorite movie: Dazed and Confused!!!!!! Don’t worry it’s all in the past!!!!
    Favorite TV show: so many…. Boardwalk Empire, Sons of Anarchy, Vikings, True Detective, UFC! My sister and I are very different!! I’m the wild one- she’s a little boring! Lol:)-
    Cake over pie any day!!!
    Biggest nuisance: working out ( don’t let my husband hear me say that!)
    My hero: of course Jesus Christ! I am awaiting the day with open arms!!!!

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