What’s In Your Van?


Are you grossed out just by that word?

Well…how about if I told you there were maggots…IN…MY…VAN!

You’re already judging me aren’t you?

Do you have 4 kids?

Have you ever tried to keep tabs on 4 kids and what they are bringing into your car at all times?

Some things will always escape your sight…

Not the maggots…..but some things……

It had to be the kids….right?

Just so you know, I did clean & disinfect the van…

I never found the source of the maggots…..although I did find…

3 hundred 79 lost gloves,

4 thousand 5 hundred sports hair bands..what? We have lots of hair in this family!

A mere 4 hundred and 23 melted crayons,

One tooth…yep, a tooth! Must’ve been the one we thought we lost at the lacrosse fields, the one Beau yanked out on the sideline and handed to me for safe keeping! Did you know the tooth fairy will take a corn kernel in place of a lost tooth?

6 bajillion jackets and sweaters,

And a partridge in a pear tree!

Ok, so maybe not really a partridge in a pear tree, but there was a petrified french fry!

You’re thinking about the maggots again aren’t you?

Well, if you’re not freaking out enough to laugh hysterically to the point of crying about maggots being in my van, then you can’t possibly understand the horror I felt when sitting at my best friends kitchen table with her, her husband and chicken and I described the “worms” that I had found in my car that day, only to have best friends husband inform me “Sounds like maggots”!

Cue the freaking out……

The hysterical laughing….

The crying….

Ahhh…life is a roller coaster of epic proportions…just when you think you’ve hit the bottom……

Mmmmm…Philly cheesesteak!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Reminds me of another story. This really happened to a friend: Car seat covered in crumbs, left out on driveway. Go get car seat during naptime: it has been picked clean by a swarm of ants! So creepy crawlies can be your friends & helpers with kids and cars, too.

  2. Oh wow! Now if we could just get them to babysit! Thanks for reading!

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