Homemade Gifts Part 3 (Oatmeal canister = toy storage)

This idea came out of the need of a storage container for a set of Tonka cars I bought for my nephew..’Hi Cruz’!


It was really simple to do. I just drew on a few buildings, colored them in, then painted over them with a decoupage glue! *The glue was just so it would be a little more waterproof/sturdier!


Now cruz can drive his Tonka cars to the bakery..


The pizzeria, or back home to a ‘Sesame Street’ like Apartment home!


I think this would make a fabulous storage container for all sorts of on-the-go toys! I may just have to make up some more for Nora and keep them in the car for soccer games this Spring!

Hope ya’ll are having fun with the Holidays!

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