Homemade Gifts Part 2 (Felt/Fabric dolls)

These dolls, I’m hoping, will help keep Nora’s attention on the soccer field, in the car on long trips and even at church! Because they are only fabric & felt they should make for…dare I say it…QUIET play!

The dolls have a velcro circle sewn on as do the dresses, that way Nora can change their clothes very easily! I also put velcro on the inside of the tin lid to serve as a hanger for the dresses!


I also sewed a small bed to tuck the girls into when done playing for safe keeping in the tin!

Yes, I used another cute cookie tin for storing these dolls….and NO, I didn’t eat all those cookies too….Not yet anyway! *C’mon, ya’ll know Mama’s have a secret cookie stash that only comes out when the kiddos are in bed…..right?

Materials needed for this are felt/fabric, velcro strips or dots, a marker (face) and imagination! I drew up my own pattern for both the dolls and the dresses, but I’m sure you could print and trace a pattern very easily!

Hope you’re enjoying seeing what I’ve been up to lately in the crafting department! Next up……..toy car storage from an oatmeal canister!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. anna says:

    These are SO sweet stored in their little tin. Total treasures!

  2. Thank You! They were fun to make and are an easy to grab toy for on the go!

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