Homemade Gifts Part 1- Retro stick girls!

I started this project because I wanted to make something homemade for Nora for Christmas. It was inexpensive, easy and fun…I do believe she’ll have fun playing with these and they make for an easy on-the-go toy as they have their own carrying case!


All it takes to make them is popsicle sticks, markers/colored pencils, and washi tape!


I wanted these to stand up so Nora could play with them in her doll house,the one she’s been asking Santa for, so I used those little hanging paper clips! *I did cut & remove the hanger first!


The fact that I had to buy and eat a box of cookies to make the girl’s their storage tin was just a bonus! *I decorated the inside of the tin by gluing pages from a Pottery Barn magazine!

As cute as these are, the next post just might be cuter! Girls are so much fun!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jan says:

    Shes going to love this

    1. Thanks Jan…I hope so! Now…Santa better deliver on that Dollhouse! 🙂

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