Road Trip!!!

Ya’ll I’ve got road fat! You know the kind…..the sit on your butt for days as you drive cross country and eat nothing but fried food (it’s the rule right?) and munchies for endless miles upon miles kind!! I guess you could call it van arse if you really wanted to get technical! No matter what you call it…I’ve got it!

Why this long trek? Well, my sister FINALLY got married and I was her Maid of Honor…..that and we hadn’t been back home to New Mexico in 2 years, and since we don’t own a private plane, and we don’t have thousands of dollars just sitting around for 6 plane tickets, we made the 4 day drive with 4 kids!




Do you know what 4 kids sound like in a small hotel room after 10 hours of travel? All I can say is we’re lucky we weren’t sent back to the road! I suppose the hotels really don’t mind if the kids ‘try out’ the furniture…after all, why else would they have two beds and a couch so close to each other? First one to touch the floor loses!!!

And as far as the free breakfast is concerned….good for us, BAD for the hotel! The kids see muffins..FREE, cereal..FREE, waffles…FREE, eggs and bacon…FREE….It’s like a kids dream come true…anything you want, AND IT”S FREE!! Needless to say, we most definitely left our mark every morning!

Some tid-bits for your funny bone…

After being seated at a restaurant and served our drinks, Nora decided she needed a water to go with her milk. I told her we would have to wait for the guy to come back and then ask him for one. The next thing I know she had spotted our waiter and very loudly hollers above the noise “Guy..water please”!

Imagine me in my Maid of Honor dress the morning of the wedding…imagine me trying to bathe my sister’s feverish 3 year that dress. Imagine me seeing my sister’s 14 month old playing in the toilet as I washed the 3 year that dress. Imagine the 14 month old grabbing my glitzy belt and popping the closure right off of that dress as I tried to grab the little bugger and clean him up!
Note to self….Remove all glam-clothing before trying to deal with children! *As if I’ll be wearing ‘glam’ clothing anytime soon!

Picture this….My Henry streaking buck naked through a house full of people because his swimming trunks were drying outside instead of in the room he stripped his clothing in! His response? “It’s ok, nobody saw me because I ran really fast”!

Another funny Henry story….

Chicken has a large family and my kids have a hard time remembering everyone’s names, so….

Henry was trying to get one of his cousins attention and since she was wearing a TEXAS shirt he yells out “Hey Texas”..which DID get her attention! Later that night Henry again couldn’t remember her name so he calls out “Hey Texas” again, to which she replies “That’s not my name. What is my name?” He then gets close to her and in a hushed voice says “Well, don’t tell anybody, but you’re so cute you could be the King of Texas!” My 6 year old throwing lines like that….I’m so gonna be in trouble one day!

Hope you’re all having a great summer making fun memories of your own!!!

Wedding reception photo booth’s are sooo much fun!!!

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