Scrap dresses!

See these dresses?

Like them?

Nora was outgrowing her shirts and I couldn’t find any…dresses for her, so I used leftover fabric to make these scrap dresses!

I also made the little fabric braided necklaces too…because girls just love accessories!

I thought about selling these on ETSY…

What? You’d be interested in them?


It wont be happening anytime soon because my sewing machine got hungry and ate the latest dress! I don’t know what went wrong…I cleaned and oiled and the dang thing is definitely upset about something….and it wont tell me what the heck it is!!! I really hate this ugly game of ‘I’ll do something ridiculous and you try to guess what it is’…honest to goodness my free time is slim to none around here and pleading with a machine is not really how I’d like to spend it! I’m wondering now if it’s better…cheaper…to buy a new one versus bringing this one in for repair? It is a Brother 1520 and only a few years old, but I’ve read that repair can cost around $50, nearly half what a new one would cost…and I’ve also read that this happens quite often on these lower priced machines! UGH! I just wanted to be able to make things for Nora and small projects for the home…why can’t a machine, whose sole purpose it is to sew, sew??? It’s not really asking too much is it?

Oh well, I’m sure I’ll figure something out!
I’m still giddy I was actually able to sew something that is wearable!

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  1. julia christine stephen says:

    Funny, like the dresses, and my 10 year old does too. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Glad you like the dresses…I’m hoping there will be more in the future!

  2. Dianna says:

    Cute dresses! Take my advice: get a Singer. I had a Brother once, and I fought with it all the time.

    1. Thanks Dianna! I will look into a Singer….gonna have to start looking around the parking lots for loose change and start saving up! πŸ™‚

  3. Those are adorable! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank You! I checked out your blog today and you’re a pretty clever sewer yourself! Do you mind my asking what kind (machine) you have?

      1. I still use the Singer my parents bought for me when I wanted to learn to sew as a little girl! It only does straight stitch and zigzag, plus it has a buttonhole attachment. We have a great Singer store nearby, though, and they tuned it up for me so it’s zipping right along. πŸ™‚

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