And that’s why you don’t throw matchbox cars!!

So I taught my boys another lesson the other day….it was one I wish I would’ve taught them some other way, but it is what it is….

You see..

I had been having the most horrible day.  You know, the kind where your deep freezer and fridge have stopped working without your knowing it until you reach inside for something cold and low and behold it’s as warm as a golden pancake on a Sunday morning…sorry, I’m hungry!  Well anyhow, after much panic and plugging in and unplugging cords and power surges and fighting the ant hotel that was living behind the freezer, I managed to come to the conclusion that it was the surge protector gone bad and was able to get the fridge going again….the freezer would have to be dumped and cleaned later…sorry Schwan Man….not this time!!

Ok, so that wasn’t so bad right?  Well, I’m not done so quit rushing me!  I come back inside and notice those darned jumbo jet bees flying around on my deck. Carpenter bees I believe they call them, the ones that like to drill holes into your wood and leave their mark!  I’m beginning to think Mother Nature is using me as her ‘test kitchen’!  Yep, outside I went to leave my mark!!!  Well, let me just tell you that I’ve invented the new workout trend called ‘lightsaber jumbo bee kung fu’……I’ll just leave you to visualize that for a minute…..







Alright, are you done snickering yet?  Well neither are the bees, but we must move on…

Ok, so I decided I’d better get a nice cold drink of tea and relax a bit before the boys got home from school, for you can never really brace yourself enough for the storm that lies in the trail of 3 young boys just home from school…..Here we go……

There was homework to be done, and no one wanting to do it and my pleads were just in vain.  Nora was climbing the table wanting her “bapple” and “nana” snacks for she will waste away if not given her afternoon snack within seconds of stepping in the front door after our excursion to the bus stop!  Henry had decided to opt out of homework and practice up on his baseball game…which led to broken glass on the living room floor…(I had already vacuumed the entire downstairs just moments before the fridge/freezer fiasco)…so this leads to more vacuuming and hollering for people to get homework done, i’m trying to cook spaghetti before we head out to 3 different fields for the days games/practices, the baby is still hollering and climbing, balls are whizzing by my head, kids are fighting and……

well….I walked by the kitchen table and there sat the matchbox cars that someone had left out.  The same matchbox cars that I had specifically told them to put away at least 5 times… and well….I had a Bad Mommy moment……I picked up those cars and as I was hollering “why are these still here?” I hurled them (or so I thought) into the playroom!  You see, problem is, I have bad aim and it’s even worse when I’m mad!  So, while I had every intention of these cars floating into the playroom they instead took a detour and smashed into my framed-glass pictures of New York City….the ones we bought when we took the kids there a few years back!  Well, needless to say my jaw dropped to the floor as did pieces of glass…..Ohhh Bad Mommy, Bad Mommy!  So I turned around to see my boys standing there with the same expression that I’m sure was on my face and then I very calmly said…

“And that’s why you don’t throw matchbox cars!”


*No children were hurt/injured in the making of this story….only a little of Mama’s Pride!

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  1. *Jaw Drops* and mentally laughs at the sentence: “And that is why you don’t throw matchbox cars!”

    1. You know, if I couldn’t laugh at myself and all that goes on around here I’d be in the looney house for sure! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. We have carpenter bees all around our house. My kids FREAK out when they see them. We’ve also found hornets and wasps — just to complete the “Things That Can Sting You” trifecta. Yuck.

    And the matchbox cars moment? I’m pretty sure every mother can relate. When I do something like that, I call it one of my “Mother of the Year” moments. As in: “You might as well call off the contest — I’ve CLEARLY won Mother of the Year by doing this.” 🙂

    1. Ya know, I reckon there’s no right way to teach the kids a lesson, so I guess we could just say I was being creative in my approach! That counts for something right?

      As far as the hornets/wasps/bees thing…..I can’t stand anything that can fly & cling!!!! Those dang wasps and their dangly, clingy legs can send me right over the edge!

      Thanks for reading….and understanding!

  3. essaalroc says:

    very nice save. 🙂

    1. Thanks! It was either that or cry, and since crying would’ve totally freaked them out, I went with a life lesson! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  4. Jan says:

    Sorry Angie,but I’m still laughing…….bet that got everyone’s attention!!!

    1. They thought it was hysterical after the fact….and they fought over who was gonna tell Chicken! I only wish I could hold my temper sometimes!

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