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O No She Didn’t!

She said what?  She must have been drinking..heavily…otherwise she NEVER would have said that!

What did she say?


She said Ann Romney, stay at home Mom to 5 boys, had NEVER worked a day in her life!!!!!




I know!  I’m thinking the same thing!  Was she abducted by aliens and her brain was sucked right out of her head?  If Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life, then there are monkeys flying out of my butt as I speak!!  

Wait!  She wasn’t done there…she also pointed out that because she has never “worked”, Ann Romney has not experienced the economic struggles that working mothers face, and therefore couldn’t be a sounding board for her husband on women’s concerns!  

O Yes she did!!!!

You know, ignorant people make me MAD!   



Does this woman, we’ll call her that to be nice, have a clue what 5 boys are capable of?  I say Ann Romney should be inducted into the Stay At Home Mom Hall Of Fame…..just for keeping them all alive!  I only have 3 boys and a girl, and there are days when I doubt everbody is gonna make it to the other side!  Apparently she thinks that when you stay at home with your kids you turn in your opinion, concerns, womanhood, livelihood, feelings, dreams and aspirations…AND hire help since you aren’t capable of any work!  Hey aliens…..Come back! I think  you forgot something!!!

Now, I’m assuming that because this woman feels a stay at home mom doesn’t work, she also feels that  the childcare providers that working mothers take their children to don’t work either?  And keeping with this line of thinking, these childcare providers would not be capable of understanding economic struggles or women’s concerns?  If these childcare providers don’t work, then why does the U.S. Government take a cut of their paycheck, just as it does hers?  Could it be that stay at home moms work just as hard as work out of the home moms, they just decline the paycheck?  

Mull that over for awhile Hilary Rosen……when you get home from work that is!


4 thoughts on “O No She Didn’t!”

    1. My Mom is/has been a day care provider (in her home) for the last 36 years. Too many times some of the Mom’s she’s watched kids for have neglected to remember that my Mom was at work all day as well…Leaving their kids there while they went to the gym, grocery store, home to clean up etc!

      Good to hear from you..Thanks for still reading! Your post today is still giving me laughs…I’m sure it wasn’t as funny to you at the time…I hope you can laugh about it now though!

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