Well Slap Me Silly!

Well slap me silly!   Has it really been 4 months since my last post?  I have no idea how that happened…or didn’t happen! I know I’ve been gone too long because wordpress has changed everything and I can’t figure anything out anymore…well, still!

So where have I been you wanna know?  

Well, I think the military has got it right….by the time you’ve been in a house long enough for everything to start falling apart or become infested….It’s time to MOVE!  Unfortunately, or fortunately..not sure which yet, we aren’t moving….at least for the next 2 years.  So, I have been chasing problem after problem around here and they’ve been chasing me right back!  Thing is, I don’t have the time for this ridiculous game of tag right now!  

Please do tell?

How about 3 boys playing 2 spring sports… each!  Yep, we are insane (it’s due to the ants that are trying to get us committed to a home..I should be there by the summer)!  Samuel is playing TRAVEL soccer & baseball, Beau is playing Rec+ soccer (semi-travel) & lacrosse (semi-travel), and Henry is playing soccer & baseball.  Chicken co-coaches two of the soccer teams, is a SMYS division manager, and is the school PTA treasurer.  Nora and I are on the clean up crew, prep crew (this one is soooo time consuming), breakfast, lunch and dinner crew, transportation crew, shopping (groceries that is) crew, volunteer teacher appreciation crew, sewing crew,  gardening crew, laundry crew (you don’t even want to know), homework crew, and last but not least toddler playtime crew!  Oh yeah, and Chicken IS still currently employed by the United States Navy!  Hmmmm..  does that cover everything?  I reckon this is the reason for my slack-blogging!?!?

Maybe ya’ll could help me out with some answers to these questions I have…..

How….HOW do I get rid of kitchen ants?

What is wrong with my van when it sounds and feels like there is landing gear coming down from the floorboard?  Wait, maybe I am SUPER-MOM and the van is just converting into my fly-mobile!

Why is it taking sooo long to upload a picture to this blog?  

Where do I get one of those self-cleaning kitchens?  Scratch that…..I’d rather have a self-cleaning bathroom, where do I get one of those?

How do you keep a toddler from climbing everything in sight?  I found a certain little someone standing atop the dining room table reaching for the chandelier! 

I hope Ya’ll don’t find this as a complaint post…….  I just really wanted to start posting again, and felt compelled to let ya know what’s been going on around here lately!  We really are doing very well.  We ARE very busy, but the boys love playing sports and we love watching them!  They are all doing great in school and have all become avid readers!  Tum Tum & Nutmeg has become a bedtime favorite!  Nora is growing like crazy and becoming quite the ‘little girl’…sigh….No more babies around here!  Don’t even get any crazy ideas….The appointment has been set up to prevent any more little Chickens from hatching in this Hen house! 🙂

Hope you’ve all been well and visit again soon!  I LOVE reading comments….makes me feel connected to the ‘outside’!  

You can also follow me on Pinterest (Angie Hawkins…my banner is the same as this blogs) if you’re interested!  I’m hooked on that site!

Just a few pics for your viewing pleasure!





My pipi!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. poncefamily says:

    Good to see a blog from you! We are crazy busy with sports as well! Try wiping your countertop with vinegar and water mix, where the ant trail is… also peppermint oil.. We have the same problem sometimes. Our little Lilly isnt much of a baby anymore either 😦 . Crawling, teething, standing up to things….Yeah she’s on the move! ha!

    Oh and I just started pinterest yesterday, and i can’t stop! Wonder if there is some kind of pinterest anonymous~~~ Hello, my name is Melinda and I’m a pinterestaholic!

  2. Hi Melinda! I’ve tried the vinegar and even the peppermint oil….but they don’t seem to mind! I’ve also tried cinnamon, basil leaves, hot pepper, baby powder and a bio-spray (lots of strong oils)…nothing is working!!! AGHhhhhhh! I understand the Pinterest thing…..I love browsing on there!

  3. Limey says:

    glad you are posting again…..

    1. Thanks for reading Limey!

  4. Any word yet on where to find the self-cleaning bathroom?

    1. Not a word! Believe you me there will be a post at the very hint of one! Thanks for reading!

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