Busy ‘bug’!

This post is a little late coming, but boy o’ boy have things been crazy around here lately! Nora had been sick right before Halloween, with what we thought was just a bug, but on Halloween day, the doctor called to let us know that Nora’s tests had come back and she did indeed have salmonella poisoning! YIKES!!! We have no idea how she got it..I racked my brain trying to come up with something and all I can think of is maybe one of the boys brought it in and because she puts everything in her mouth right now..BAM! She was quite sick for several days, but she recovered very well and is back to normal..she was even able to wear her homemade strawberry shortcake outfit and go trick-r-treatin with her brothers!

So I told them I was not going to buy anyone anything for a costume, they had to come up with their own with what we had…. Henry was a painter, Beau was an indian, and Samuel was a ninja…they did very well don’t ya think?

Finally figured out that using an ice cream scoop is the proper way to clean out a pumpkin!

Well, once Halloween was over Beau got sick with a stomach bug! Two days home from school and then a very busy weekend…His soccer team won their division championship on Saturday night, he played goalie the second half and did great! This game was only one of 6 soccer games we had this weekend..it was busy to say the least!

You know what happens next right? I get Henry on the bus yesterday morning, and within an hour the school calls saying Henry is complaining his stomach hurts…yep, he’s been home the past two days with the bug now! So, I am disinfecting everything in sight…Should you show up at my door…prepare to be Lysol’ed!

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  1. Dianna says:

    Aw, things haven’t been good at your house recently, have they? Our (elderly) neighbor had salmonella a few weeks ago. The dr told her that it came down to something as simple as: she got 1/2 the sandwich, someone else got the other half – and she got sick! Glad your little ones are on the mend. Love their costumes!

  2. When it rains it pours right? I hope your neighbor recovered alright..nasty stuff!

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