Haunting of the house!

It’s Halloween at the Hawkins house…

That means lots of weird, haunting things going on around here…

We’ve had a ceiling fan fall right out of the ceiling, at dinner time even…and with a sick crying baby (stomach bug for the past 4 days)…. by the way, do you know how heavy ceiling fans are? Do you also know how hard it is to stand on the top of a ladder with nothing to steady yourself with, while in the dark, with a feverish baby screaming in the background and 2 boys fighting over a ball that shouldn’t even be in the house, with a fourth child asking questions about homework all while you try to unscrew the screws from the daggum, broken, heavy, ceiling fan? You don’t know how hard that is? Well….it’s freakin hard!!!!!

The tires on my van are also playing tricks on me…you know the kind, when I’m in a hurry they like to deflate just enough to set off my alarm…they just LOVE this little joke…stinkin tires! I realize this isn’t actually a part of the house, but since this only happens in my garage, I reckon it’s because the house has coaxed the van into this annual prank!

At least 3 of my doorknobs are joining in on the pranks….they are unscrewing themselves so that the doors wont open or close! Have you ever had to yell through the door to the UPS man to just leave the package he’s delivering on your porch because you are locked in your house with no way to get out?

Several of my lightbulbs and water filters have decided to jump on board for this weeks haunting, the ants and spiders have all been invited, and are arriving accordingly, and the garbage disposal is joining in by supplying plenty of eerie, unidentifiable noises! Oh, and my mirrors are also on board for the jokes…seems like the last few days the reflection I see looking back has had a few more lines and wrinkles..not to mention pasty, sprouting skin! UGH!

I’m so ready for November!!!!!

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  1. Jan says:

    sounds like you’ve been experiencing Halloween with a bang, take it that Brian is gone……how’s Nora feeling

  2. Dianna says:

    Oh, what a cute post. Guess you are ready for Halloween to come and go!

  3. Nope, he’s here experiencing all the Halloween joys with me! He’s the one that made me get on top of the ladder! I unscrewed while he held the fan…then I got my chance to hold the darned thing while he finished unscrewing it! Two people does NOT = easy!! Nora is much better today. We had to have her tested for salmonella and ecoli…thank goodness it was neither, just a really, really bad viral!

  4. K says:

    ok those teddy bears are adorable. hahaha i love it!

    i’m always excited when halloween ends and the anticipation starts building for Christmas!! i’ve secretly started listening to Michael Buble’s new Christmas album…

    1. The next two months is one of my favorite times of the year! I love the smells, decorations, food, get-togethers…..and let’s not forget about the parades! 🙂 I’ve been known to listen to Sinatra’s Christmas album in July!

  5. Martine says:

    It’s so cute!!!
    Have a nice evening.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Hope you come back soon!

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