Ice Cream Cake!

Look what I made!

My first ice-cream cake! Samuel wanted me to make this for his birthday, so how could I not at least give it a try? I think it turned out pretty good. I know, I didn’t ice the entire thing. I could’ve, but I had this thing attached to my leg and it wouldn’t let go, and after awhile it started wailing and well, I couldn’t take it any longer so I cut the icing of the cake short and played with Bert & Ernie instead! At least the cake was edible! And just so you know, this is a soccer themed cake…that’s a soccer ball on top with flags from across the globe and words of inspiration….The boys love to read these quotes before their games!

Here’s what it takes to put it all together…

*Ice Cream..and No you don’t have to go all Martha here, you just need ice cream!
*Cake Mix…any kind will do; homemade, store bought, boxed.
*Saran Wrap

*thaw ice cream and then spread into Saran wrapped cake pan (same as what you’ll be baking the cake in)…put back in freezer until thoroughly frozen again.
*Once frozen, remove the ice cream from pan (Saran Wrap will make this easy)…put ice cream mold onto your serving plate and put back into freezer.
*Bake your cake (I used 2 and made a layer cake).
*Once cake is cooled, put ice cream mold between two layers and put back into freezer at least a couple of hours.
*Ice cake with icing of your choice and then refreeze for at least a couple of hours.

Make sure you set the cake out about 15 minutes prior to cutting! I waited about 10 minutes or so before I added the decorations.

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  1. Jan says:

    Looks yummy!!!! Love the inspiration quotes!!! Can’t imagine what was hanging on your leg whailing couldn’t be our sweet lil Nora haha!!! she just wanted to help

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