Photos and math homework!

Here are a few pics from one of the recent photo sessions I did with Nora…I could just do this all day!

She has some of the best expressions!

Ok, I was supposed to have a photoshop’ed’ picture here, but after I downloaded it (took forever) it wont show on the post! I need technical help! I am trying to play around with photoshop, but as of yet, I can’t figure much out! I really wish I was more technically savvy, but alas, techno and anything math related are my nemesis! Case in point.. I tried to help Samuel with his math homework last night, Chicken is on travel, and I could barely get through the question…If YooHoo had this many yellow tickets and YoHo had this many red tickets, Use x and write a function that confuses your Mother!!!!! Ya’ll lost yet? Me too! 🙂 Thank goodness Chicken talked to Samuel on the phone (speaker) and they had it figured out lickety-split! Ya’ll, Chicken asked Samuel a few simple questions and Samuel was like “OH” and then immediately figured the solution out…I on the other hand, watched and wondered how long it’s gonna be before they commit me to a home!! Well, I may not be able to do math or figure out computers etc., but I can bake, craft and produce kids with the best of em! What does baking and producing kids have to do with each other you ask??????


Just lookie…..

See the resemblence?

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  1. Melinda says:

    I have to say, helping 3 kids with homework has been a bit challenging this year, all while having Lilliana by my side! Makes for some very long afternoons! And yes, math has had me and poor little Carlos crying some days! Nora is beautiful by the way!!

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