Irene’s Destruction!

Yesterday was a day of cleanup! As the sun rose, so did the didn’t take long for the chainsaws to come out and ‘neighborly love’ to begin…

I asked the boys at the dinner table last night what their favorite thing about the hurricane was (I figure there always has to be a good thing, even when it’s something terrible like a hurricane)…and you know what Samuel said? He loved being out helping his neighbors! I’m so glad my kids enjoy helping others! His worst thing about the hurricane was the fact that he and Chicken didn’t get to go golfing…something they had wanted to get out and do for a long time now. Did ya know that Chicken and I were daily golfers before we had kids? That’s another story for another time!

Look at that hole!

One of our trees that came down…

Chicken dragging me through the woods behind our house to see all the downed trees..he looks to be having a good time! Thank goodness these two fell AWAY from the house!

Not sure what to do about this one!

Thankfully, we didn’t have any trees hit the house, but most of our neighbors weren’t as lucky…

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  1. Dianna says:

    Glad you didn’t have any damage to your house. That was my fear during those terrible winds! Disasters seem to bring out the best in neighbors, don’t they? Sounds like your kids have great parents to say they enjoy helping others.

  2. Thank you for that compliment…we’re just trying to bring them up the best we can!

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