The morning after!

So last night kinda looked a lot like this..

and this…

and this too…

We decided to spend the night down in the unfinished basement…we have a pull out couch down there and we brought down a couple of matresses for the kids. We lost power for a bit, which meant we got to read by candlelight…Yeah!

All in all it wasn’t too bad a night…or so I thought! After getting up this morning and looking down the street this is what we saw…

Apparently one of the downed trees managed to come through the roof of a neighbors house…into their 8 yr. old sons bedroom! Yes, everyone is alright…Thank The Good Lord!!!!

We also just looked out back a bit and noticed we have a few snapped trees out there as well…no pictures yet…I’ll get them out soon!

I’m keeping this short and will post more later today. Hope everyone on the East Coast weathered this storm ok…or hope and pray that they do!

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  1. Dianna says:

    It was a rough night, for sure. The worst winds I think I’ve ever experienced. We have a lot of limbs and debris in our yard, but didn’t lose any trees. Sadly, an 11 year old boy was killed in Newport News (less than 10 miles from us “as the crow flies”) when a tree fell on their house. Still waiting for our electricity to be restored, but that’s a small thing when compared to other losses folks incurred.
    Glad you made it through okay!

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