It’s an Earthquake, No a tornado..wait, I meant a hurricane!!

Ok, so you’d think since I have a blog that I would be techno-savvy right?


I haven’t been able to put up any pictures because I had no space on my computer and I didn’t know how to delete them and get more room. Well, I kinda knew what to do, but I wanted everything saved so I wouldn’t lose anything and THAT I definitely am not sure of! You guessed it…I needed Chicken’s help on this one….too bad we’ve been swamped lately and not had the time to sit and get it done..until last night!

So guess what????

You get pictures!!!!!!

First day of school! I hated to put all 3 of them on that bus…so sad. Henry was so excited and he loves school! He loves his teachers! He loves his classmates! He loves lunch time and recess and music and art and riding the bus and….you get the picture, staying at home with Mom was getting boring!

Oh I just wish I could freeze these moments and hold on to them just a little bit longer…

I bet you couldn’t have guessed that we’ve played soccer, soccer and more soccer here lately…

My sweet baby girl…crying her head off because Mama wont let her climb on the deck! Mean ‘ol Mama!

Don’t worry…Henry made it all better!

Nothin but hooligans…..

Well, as much as I love to blog, I’d better get and start batten down the hatches…apparently there is this hurricane that is headed our way…I reckon it’s the only thing left..let’s see, we had two earthquakes this week, a tornado and flash flood today, so it’s only natural that we have a tropical storm/hurricane on the way!

Picture this…

3 wild boys, a rambunctious toddler, two crazed parents and a wet St. Bernard spending the weekend together in the basement with a howling wind and torrential downpour outside! I suppose the wreckage on the inside of the house might just surpass that of the outside!

I’ll try and refrain from going outside like this guy!!

Seriously though…If you have a moment, say a few prayers for all those here on the East Coast as we brace for this storm!

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Dianna says:

    Right here with ya! We’ll be riding it out, but will have a bag packed in case we have to leave. Take care!

    1. How far inland would you have to go to be safe?

  2. Dianna says:

    I really don’t know…. guess it depends on the actual path. We stayed here during Isabel, so unless the river rises higher than it did then, we’ll be okay. I hate that it’s predicted to hit here during the night….

    1. This will be our first hurricane, hopefully it wont be too bad! Hope ya’ll stay safe…I’ll say a prayer for you!

  3. Dianna says:

    Be sure to check out my blog tomorrow: I’ll have photos from Isabel, back in 2003. Prayers for you too!

  4. Prayers for you both!! I cannot imagine waiting out a hurricane, or wondering if it will come in the night. Lots of prayers.

    1. PS. Loved the photos!! Your son Henry sounds like such a kind soul. Hope they have a great school year!

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