It’s a Post, It’s a Post!

Well Crap, I haven’t posted in a week! I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’ve thought about blogging a lot..every day actually, I just haven’t managed to get anything written!
I’ve thought about it during my coffee drinking, news watching, Nora chasing mornings. I’ve thought about it while I sort laundry and determine which pile is bigger…whites, darks or socks and undies? I’ve though about it while cleaning the kitchen every morning, noon and night. I’ve thought about it while cleaning/scrubbing Lord knows what off my kitchen floor. I’ve thought about it during Nora’s naps and in between refereeing wrestling matches (when does school start?). I’ve thought about it while nursing Nora and watching the boys soccer games/camps/practices. I’ve thought about it while cooking and baking (sanity people, sanity). I’ve thought about it while searching for sponsors and fundraisers for the boys’ travel teams. I’ve thought about it while watering and gardening. I’ve thought about it while exerci….wait a minute, I didn’t actually do that one! Anyhow my point is, I just haven’t sat my butt down and actually done it!
So here I am…finally blogging..Yea!!

Here’s just a few random thoughts….

How does an entire wall length shelf just fall off the wall?

Since when does “No” mean “Yes”?

Ever get in line for a slurpee with 4 kids after soccer camp? Ever watch your son drop overflowing slurpee on floor in store, only to turn around and find that all of the soccer coaches have followed you into the store for slurpees themselves? Did you call out “We need a clean up over here”?

Did you know that if a frog catches a lightning bug its entire head will light up with every flash? Well, only for a few seconds anyhow!

You really should write down your ingredients and amounts when experimenting with new recipes.

Why do burnt out lightbulbs play follow the leader?

I really wish we could add more hours to every day….Just 2-3 more would help out tremendously….I’d probably start reading again…Jamie and Claire I do miss you!

Why does school have to start so soon…and why am I NOT happy about that?

My kids are sleeping….why am I not????

Just a few random pics from this past week……

pickled green beans from the garden…

Everyone loves cake……

Strange firefly..

Yikes..she’s nearly walking!

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  1. very funny randomness! i’m glad you finally got to blog, and it’s a very goo one too and well worth the time reading!thanks for finally posting!

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