It’s gonna be a hot one!

Oh it’s gonna be a hot one today! Just look at that water in the air!

They’re calling for a heat index of 118!

I took this one last night a little before 9 o’clock. When I walked outside it was like walking into a sauna! The heat/humidity is unbelievable… and Yes, that is Wipeout on the TV!

I can always tell when it’s gonna be extra sticky by what my windows look like in the morning!!

Looks like we’ll be staying indoors today!!!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Dianna says:

    Same here! Misery loves company, I guess.

  2. Kamie says:

    Hey, speaking of working out, why dont you just go outside and sweat off the pounds! Its hot as hell here too, but dry, dry, dry!

    1. Girl if that worked I’d look like Giselle!

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