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Veggie Doughnuts…what?

While two of my boys have been at soccer camp, this is what Henry, Nora and I have been doing...... Remember how I'm always sneaking in veggies???? Well..I managed to get some in here too! These doughnuts are baked...not fried! I came across this little Cutie and couldn't resist! It works wonderfully!!! Just what I… Continue reading Veggie Doughnuts…what?

Daily Bliss

Exercise and nature

My house has 15 sets of stairs. I know this because I counted them yesterday as I painfully, and slowly, made my way up and down them! Why was it painful? Well...I decided it was time I started working out again..apparently you shouldn't try to make up for lost time all at once!! You should… Continue reading Exercise and nature

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Sometimes the military stinks!

My parents left yesterday.....Beau just cried and cried! I just hate it when my kids are sad! Being so far away, we usually only see family about once, twice if we're lucky, a year, so when our visits come to an end they take it kinda hard. Sometimes....the military just stinks!! I would love for… Continue reading Sometimes the military stinks!