Friday Couponing!

So, after my doughnut fix this morning, I decided to make a trip to Wal-Mart..I don’t usually go there because I hate standing in line for 25 minutes once I’m done shopping! I mean really, how many times have you been in that store and stood in line longer than it took you to find groceries to last you a week? If someone could explain to me why they have like 20 registers, and only 4 open, I would greatly appreciate it! Maybe Wal-Mart is trying to teach America patience…hard to do when we’re all on our Duncan Doughnut sugar high! Anyhow, I took my short list, a few coupons, Henry, Nora and a stroller, and here is how it turned out…..

I bought….

4/ 3ct. packs of Ivory bar soap ($.97 Regular price) *used 4 $1.00 coupons = FREE
4/ Noxzema packs of razors ($1.97 RP) *used 4 $2.00 coupons = FREE
5/ pckgs Carefree everydays ($.97 RP) *used 5 $1.00 coupons = FREE
4/ jars of Heinz ketchup ($.60 RP) *used 4 $.25 coupons = $.35 each

I also bought 1 bunch of bananas which brought my total cost to $4.73! That was down from my original total of $20.34! That’s right I saved $15.64! I was hoping to buy some Degree deodorant and Nexcare bandages as well, but someone had already cleared out those items!

*Yes I realize those are small jars of ketchup, but the boys will just love playing restaurant and using those over the summer…..besides they’re cute!

I only used coupons from the Sunday newspapers…Smart Source and Red Plum inserts!

In the picture there are also 2 packs of Huggies wet wipes, 1 pack of Huggies diapers, and 1 pack of Target Up brand pull-ups (Henry still doesn’t make it through the night)….I got all of these at Target (yep, we hit 2 stores…see why I needed my doughnut?) for under $11 using Manufacturers coupons and a Target card from previous purchases! All in all it was a good day at the register….Anyone else had any luck lately?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Impressed!! I have seen the extreme couponers, and wonder who on earth needs a cart of pop and deodorant?! I love that your getting good deals on things you need.

  2. I’ve watched TLC’s new Extreme Couponing show and there is no way I could do that! If I can get a good deal on stuff I need then it’s worth it….otherwise forget it..I don’t have that kinda time on my hands! 🙂

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