Red, red wine & Friends in low places would suit me just fine!

As I was driving back home from the commissary today (did I ever mention how much I despise grocery shopping?), the song Red, Red Wine from UB40 came on. For a couple of brief moments I was back in junior high school, wearing a horrible white- washed denim skirt, jellies, hair in a banana clip…the front completely teased and sprayed with an ungodly amount of White Rain hairspray, several multi-colored swatches up my arm and sucking on a jolly rancher…cherry of course!

Quit laughing…………. I was cool! 🙂

Anyone else have a pair of jellies like these? What were we thinking?

Who knew then that they were predicting our futures? UB40 & wanting some red, red wine! *ok almost 40…let’s not jump that gun just yet!

Too bad the next song applies just as much now as it did then…..I Want Money!

Come to think of it, there are a few songs from my junior high years that could be theme music for my life now…..


Straight up.. I sometimes want to know straight up how the lightbulb got busted when nobody had anything to do with it?

Only in my dreams… I would love a day to myself…no laundry, cooking, screaming, fighting…..Only in my dreams!

If I could turn back time… If I could turn back time, I would never have brought those permanent markers into the house!

Every rose has its thorn… When putting my kids to bed at night, by the time I get them in the bed I’m exhausted and have usually just grounded someone….but I love them dearly…..I guess every rose has its thorn!

Right here waiting for you…. When I go to the bathroom, some little person always assures me that he will be right here waiting for me!

Devil inside…. Self explanatory…Henry! Just kidding…I think! 🙂

Nothing compares to you… I say this daily to at least one child…it may be after I’ve just scrubbed toothpaste from behind the bathroom door…but I say it nonetheless!

We didn’t start the fire…Something I only wish I hadn’t heard!

Here I go again….This has got to be Henry’s theme song!

And last but not least……

I think we’re alone now……. Last time I heard this I ended up pregnant again!

Hope this gave you some smiles as it did me…funny how songs can bring back so many memories!

Well, its Back to life for me…..That Sweet child of mine is a hollering for her Mama! 🙂

*I know this sounds like all I listened to was Pop, but behind closed doors I was country…when country wasn’t cool!

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  1. Ponikaa Girl says:

    OMG! Thanks for that musical history tour. Yes, I think I used my jelly shoes to keep my car door from being ajar while driving.

    1. Now that’s my kind of thinking!

  2. Love it! Now you got me singing Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing compares”!

  3. Maybe I should hum this as I do the dishes!

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