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Easter….a little late!

So I’m a little late on an Easter Picture…oh well, little late than never right?

Funniest thing I heard on Easter? All right well here goes…..

We were sitting in church, all 6 of us, and about halfway through the service Henry gets up and comes over to me, and in his LOUD voice asks…”When is this show gonna be over?”! How can you not laugh at that?

I’ll also tell you what was NOT funny….

About 10 minutes till the end of church, Henry had dropped his bulletin under the pew, and wouldn’t ya know it landed under Beau…so as Henry is climbing under the pew, disregarding the pinch from me that is telling him to quietly get back in his seat, Beau, as inadvertently as a brother could, kicks Henry in the head……which leads to Henry blurting out in his loudest voice “Beau….why did you do that?”…….which leads to Henry climbing back into the pew and then sucker punching his brother loud enough for the entire congregation to hear!! What did I do about it you ask? Well, I figured we were in The Lord’s house, so I was just gonna let him take this one! 🙂

My sweet angels!

I couldn’t decide which one of these three I liked best…

So I thought I’d show you all three!

Anyone have a favorite?

9 thoughts on “Easter….a little late!”

  1. I like the last photo best.

    There’s a family at my parents’ church with three little boys, ages 5, 3, and 1. The 5-year-old has the LOUDEST voice, and he calls his parents by their first names even though they’ve tried repeatedly to get him to call them mom and dad. He makes the most hilarious comments during church. I think his parents are so used to it now and the rest of the congregation knows it’s just Nelson being Nelson, it doesn’t even faze anyone. 🙂

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