Recycled Newspaper Easter Baskets!

The kids needed Easter baskets……

I have no money…….

We have lots of newspapers…& duct tape….& imagination…

That’s how these paper Easter baskets came to be!

Want one of your own?

1. Grab a section of the newspaper

2. Fold in half & staple up the sides

3. Slap a piece of good ‘ol duct tape to both (inside & out) seam sides of your stapled paper

4. Punch a hole (for the ribbon) into both duct taped sides of paper

5. String some ribbon through holes and tie off

That’s it! Very simple! And with tomorrow being Earth Day, the kids were extra happy about their homemade baskets! Beau has already asked to take his in to school to show his teachers & friends his paper basket!

Score one for MOM!!!!!

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  1. Kamie says:

    I wish I would have looked at this sooner! I would have had my class make them. We had our Egg Hunt yesterday at school. We could have made those to use! I totally forgot to tell them that Friday was Earth Day as well. I went ahead and told them the meaning of Good Friday and Easter anyway. Screw school religion laws! I’m a Christian and I’m gonna preach it!

    1. Good for you! I couldn’t be a teacher, because I’d get fired for my preaching! Now, what’s this I hear about Sophia not getting to color Easter eggs?????

  2. Kamie says:

    She’s 2! I dont even know if she would notice. Shed be dropping the eggs and crackin em on the floor. I might do it. I think i have some food coloring here at the house. Dont worry, shes gonna hunt Sunday morning in the yard!

    1. Ok, well….Samuel & Beau both dropped & cracked an egg so age has nothin to do with it! Come on…let her color them with her crayons & she can watch you dye them…she’ll love it! Tia Angie said so!

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