We love that shiny grey stuff…

In this house WE LOVE DUCT TAPE!

Why you ask? Well, because you can use it for so darn many things! Like….

Water proofing a pair of old sneakers that are full of holes! Yes, my kids wear duct taped shoes when they wear holes in them…..once wrapped in shiny grey, they gain at least a few more weeks wear…which is money in this house, seeing as I don’t have much….money that is!

Duct tape is also great for catching bugs…especially the flying kind!

Plantars warts? A few treatments of duct tape and voila…wart-be-gone!

Need to label something? Anything…duct tape is your answer!

Duct tape for insulating windows is cheap…and it works!

Need to add a little cleavage? Duct tape to the rescue! Don’t ask me how I know this, I just know it to be true!

Duct tape holds together rips in leather upholstery quite nicely!

Duct tape removes hair from clothing very well……I use this every time I give the boys a haircut……Yes, it’s true, they DO get haircuts every once in a while!

Duct tape holds together broken paper towel lightsabers amazingly well!

Duct tape and aluminum foil make a terrific window treatment to block out the sun….not very inviting or neighborly, but it works well just the same!

Got a crack in your basketball backboard? Duct tape it up and get your hoops on!

Have a broken window in your jeep? Duh….duct tape!

Have hard sharp corners on your furniture and have little ones to boot? Round them off with good ‘ol duct tape….the furniture that is!

Leg of your piano cracked? Duct tape!

Need to fetch a helium balloon that has been lost to the 2 story foyer? Nothin that a little duct tape on a lightsaber can’t grab! *Maybe I should write a post about how handy a lightsaber can be as well…you’d be surprised!

And last, but certainly not least, duct tape can be applied to the holes on your outdoor rocking chairs…..to trap the bees that keep flying in them! I probably shouldn’t do this, but dang it, the last thing I want when I sit down to rock with my baby girl is a bee flying around under my butt!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. mamamash says:

    I love this! Great list. And about duct tape and cleavage…yeah, there was duct tape involved in fitting myself into my prom dress many years ago!

    1. Thanks for reading……& understanding! 🙂

  2. Dianna says:

    You’ve probably heard the saying: the only two things a man needs are duct tape and WD-40.
    If it moves and it shouldn’t, use the duct tape.
    If it should move and it doesn’t, use the WD-40.

    I’ve heard of masking tape for the cleavage, but never duct tape! OUCH!

    1. My Dad could be the spokesman for duct tape & WD-40! Definitely two things I remember from my childhood! Guess I’m carrying on the legacy! 🙂

  3. K says:

    duct tape is quite possibly man’s invention after chocolate. the boost to the cleavage tip is definitely new to me- though it does sound potentially dangerous.

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