It’s a floor, It’s a floor!!!

Well here’s the new kitchen/laundry floor! I love the way it turned out…don’t you? Of course you know things didn’t go smoothly though…do they ever?

My knowledgeable and fantastic (wish those were accurate adjectives for him…I’ve actually got a few others, but I suppose I should be nice) floor rep. ‘mistakenly’ ordered brown trim for my white molding, so I get to have the contractor come back out and repaint everything! I’m beginning to think this will never end!

I wasn’t sure how the floor would look once it was put in, but it looks great! It made the kitchen so much brighter and it even looks bigger! Now, If I can only keep it clean!

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  1. Oh, I love it! It looks really great. I’m totally intrigued by linoleum now!

  2. Kamie says:

    It does look good! You should have continued it into the laundry room. Did you not? It does make the kitchen look bigger. And I would not paint your cabinets white. I like the dark wood.

    1. It is in the laundry room too. I think I am only going to paint the island base for now. Later we would like to get a new sink and backsplash & countertops…..but that will have to wait!

      1. Thats just the temporary floor rug you see in the pic!

  3. Jan says:

    love it looks great!!!

  4. Very lovely! I sure hope it stays that way … although if it doesn’t, it would still look great 🙂

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