We quit!

So here’s just a small list of all the things we, Chicken and I, cant agree/decide on…..

1. Whether to treat the weeds in the front yard with chemicals or vinegar?

2. Whether to put the boys in time out…making them hold a Hannah Montana pillow or just sit there quietly?

3. Who’s job it is to clean up Mabel’s, ahem….poo?

4. What to do with all the leaves piled up next to our fence….burn them illegally or shred them for mulch?

5. How to get rid of the ants in the kitchen….again, using chemicals or something more natural?

6. Whose turn it is to wash Henry’s hair? Trust me this is a chore!

7. Whose going to which boy’s game? There are usually more than a couple to choose from!

8. Whose turn it is to brush/floss Henry’s teeth…..5 cavities..remember?

9. When are we going to start our diet….today or tomorrow?

10. Which plumber are we going to call the next time we have a flood/leak? This happens way more than it should!

11. Whose going to dig the Legos out of the floor vent?

12. Who’s turn it is to break up the fight going on in the playroom?

13. Couponing….how extreme is too extreme?

14. Garage sale or Dump?

15. Investments or Savings Account?

Seeing as how these are just too hard to decide on, I think maybe we’ll just quit being parents/adults for a while and see if everything doesn’t just magically take care of itself! What d’ya think Obama….sound like a good idea?

*Just for the record, as if you didn’t already know, I think it is so cowardly and juvenile of our elected officials to not be able to make decisions on behalf of their constituents! They have been elected to do a job, and if they are incapable of doing it, then lets toss them out and get somebody in there who can! What kind of people send troops into war ensuring them that their families will be taken care of while they are gone and then turn right around and knowingly put these families through more turmoil? Come on ya’ll, it ain’t that hard to do the right thing! Maybe we should get back to putting God first and allowing HIM to lead us in our decision making…HE’S never been wrong..has HE?

Maybe Congress should try this!
If all else fails, I guess they could try this! There's not a lot a little game of dodgeball can't settle!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. MaryAnne says:

    AGREE! Threatening to NOT pay the troops put me over the edge…like these families don’t have enough to stress about! I’m am SICK of all the posturing in Congress. Do what’s absolutely best for your constituents; cut the damn fat/pork/special interests and get back to basics….I am going to change my status to INDEPENDENT…enough of Republican or Democrat for ME….idiots!!

  2. I hear ya! When are you running? 🙂

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