I should get a bike?

I want one of these!

*picture from Xoelle.com

I also want to live where I can ride one of these everywhere I go! Can’t you just see me riding along a little roadway, hair blowing in the breeze with Henry & Nora strapped into the ‘tub’?

All right….you can quit laughing now….it’s not THAT funny is it?

They even make it in yellow!

You’re right….I’m not sure who would hold the groceries???

Oh yeah…. Last time I rode a bike I fell off!!!

What if it rains? Well, we’d get an early shower?

They would be heavy wouldn’t they? Hey I wouldn’t have to workout….Darn the bad luck!

It would be cold in the winter wouldn’t it!?!?

Ok, so maybe not the best idea for me right now….but one day!

*You can find these at Madsencycles.com…Order one for me too would ya? 🙂

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