Field Trips, Kids & Teachers!

I just had to post about this today..It’s too cute!

Chicken had gone on a field trip with Beau’s class yesterday to a nearby beach where they learn about the ecosystem and the environment that is so unique to the East Coast. The kids of course Love it! Well, today Beau’s class wrote Thank- You notes to Chicken for coming with them and being a group leader! Here are some of my favorites…..

I laughed my head off at this one...or should I say HAIR!
This one reminds me of that book..We're going on a bear hunt!
Glad it was him and NOT me!
I'm glad someone is using the Handi-Wipe I Pack in the lunches!
Love the glasses!

I love that he signed it...Your friend Beau!

Aren’t those kids just too cute?

Here’s one other thing that will bring a smile to the faces of you teachers out there….

When Chicken came back from this field trip he was soooo tired of hearing kids talk! He wanted everyone to be quiet and NOT talk to him! He asked Beau if those kids always talk that much! I thought it was too funny….after being around kids all day (Ahem….Henry), sometimes I feel the same way! I’m sure it must take you teachers at least 45 minutes for the ‘buzzing’ in your head to stop! 🙂

Thanks to all you teachers who listen to our kids talk all day long and are still happy to see their faces bright and early the next morning! YOU ARE TRULY APPRECIATED!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jan says:

    I love that Brian does things like that with the boys!!!! Think it’s funny he didn’t want to hear anyone talk—bet he appreciates that teacher more haha!!!!

  2. Melinda Ponce says:

    Those letters are so cute! I think Brian should use the “hair” one as his profile pic on facebook!! hahaha!!

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