Oh happy day!

Good thing he's so darn cute!

Why is it that bad..or in my case just plain weird…things happen when you are right in the middle of something else? I mean, there are 365 days in a year and no matter how you plan, these things have a way of falling..or around here crashing.. onto the same day!

Case in point….

I have been attempting to go through baby clothes and the boys outgrown clothes for the past few weeks now and have been putting it off…. until yesterday. So at about 1:00 I decided to just jump in there and start making piles everywhere… I mean who cares, we weren’t going anywhere or doing anything so I’d have time to get it all done and cleared away right?




I should know better. I should know to get my phone ready, make sure there’s gas in the van, have a dinner precooked and in the fridge, shoes on and baby fed before I try tackling any large project..especially ones that involve making a mess! Wouldn’t you know that just as I had pulled everything out of the closets and made a huge mess Henry starts crying and complaining that his tooth is hurting!


He proceeds to show me where it hurts and it seems to me to be one of the cavities they are supposed to be filling in a couple of weeks (yes, they are making him wait because they are all booked)! With him just having his tooth pulled last week, I am concerned that something bigger is becoming of this cavity too, so I call his dentist to see what we can do. I am put on hold and then told that they cannot get him in (booked) so I will have to take him to Children’s Hospital ER! Seriously? I don’t even know where The Children’s Hospital is..Baltimore? DC?


So, trying not to panic, I decided to call our family dentist (the one who referred us to Henry’s pediatric dentist) to see if he could do something for us? Well after about 20 minutes I get a call that the pediatric dentist CAN see Henry now… at 5!

Yikes! It was 3:15 already!

Well since it takes about 45 minutes to get over there, we had just enough time to get Samuel off the bus and hop in the van and go! We got there, they looked at Henry, told us it’s probably just pain from a molar coming in and that they now had an opening in the morning for Henry to come in and get his root canal and caps done! Funny how they can go from “you need to go to the Children’s Hospital ER” to “We have an opening tomorrow morning”!

So we turn around, drive home, make dinner, get kids in bed, clean up dinner, go to bed ourselves, get up, make breakfast, get kids on bus, clean up breakfast, tell Dad goodbye and get back in van for another 45 min. drive! Mind you there was a baby to feed and change (many times), a dog to attend to, homework to be done, a Dr. Seuss costume to be found (Dr. Seuss day at school) and gas tanks to be filled! Whew!

Honestly, there is NEVER a dull moment around here!

Oh, and the clothes I was going through? Well they still sit on the floor upstairs…I just shoved them to the wall, the same fate the boys clean laundry sometimes (okay, a lot of the time) sees! I’m thinking maybe I could start a shirt and pants trendy wall molding…what d’ya think? 🙂

The best part of the whole thing was that Henry actually got his large cavities fixed 2 weeks early! Only 3 more appt.’s to go!!!!!!!!! There’s always gotta be a bright side of things…right?

You do realize this produces more than 1 mess to clean up...right?

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