Month: March 2011

Linoleum is NOT vinyl!!!

Okay, one would think those working in the flooring industry would know their flooring products right? Well think again! I had a flooring rep out here yesterday and realized I knew the answers to my flooring questions more than he did! You’ll remember I’m getting new kitchen and […]


Then…. Now….. I guess some things never change! And yes, somewhere in my living room there was a little girl watching in total amazement….taking notes mind you, but amazed none the less! Give her a couple of years and if she’s anything like her mother she’ll be the […]

3 outta 4!

Three of the four reasons I don’t get anything done around here…… Nora just loves the boys’ hair….looks a lot like Samuel had something to do with this…… Aren’t they sweet? He said WHAT???? If she’s just not the best thing ever! I’m pretty sure “AAAGGGHHHH…..Get her off, […]