DIY Flower ribbons!

I wanted to get Nora a cute mobile to hang from her ceiling, but the ones I liked were way too expensive! I decided I’d just have to make something with what I had! My Mom had given Nora the tissue-paper flower kit for Christmas, but I thought it needed something else….What if I glued flower blooms onto ribbons and hung them with paper lanterns…all things I found after rummaging around the basement..?

I think it turned out great! Very girly..just what I wanted!

Look….even Prudence seems to like it!

Very simple to do…

Start with Spring blossom branches….

Remove blossoms from branches and hot glue onto ribbons!

What little girl wouldn’t love these?

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    • I take it you like the decor? I’ll try to post more pics of her room soon..It’s been fun putting it together! I wish I could make dolls like Prudence! It’s actually a bla bla doll. You can look at them at….each of the boys has one too! Samuel has Licorice, Beau has Verde & Henry has Lemonade!

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