It’s always something!

So you wanna know how my Valentine’s Day was? All I can say is It WAS NOT ROMANTIC! Here’s how this day played out……

Got Samuel & Beau off to school, dog fed & watered, dishes done, toilets cleaned… Next I just had to feed Henry an early lunch, feed Nora, pack the baby bag (you’ll find out just how essential this one is), clean out the car, take a house key to my neighbor Jennifer (She was filling in for me here…getting the boys from the bus stop and all), pack a snack bag for me & Henry and get on the road for the 45 minute drive to the dentist!

Next thing I know I’m on the road fighting the wind! 40-50 mile an hour wind gusts….blasted wind! About halfway there Henry informs me he needs to go to the bathroom! Well, I told him to hang on we’d be there shortly….I hoped!

We’ve now pulled into the dentist’s parking lot and I go to get Nora out of her car seat and what do I find??? I find that I now have a heck of a mess to clean up and clothes to change (this is where that baby bag packing comes in to play)! So I’m standing outside of the van on the front passenger side, I have Nora laying on the chair…which slopes down on one side (danged car manufacturers, why cant they just make the *&%$ chair flat!), there is poop everywhere, the wind is blowing the door closed on me and I can’t get Henry to help with any of it….he’s in the backseat yelling that he ain’t helping because this one is wwwaaaayyyy yucky! I finally managed to get this all cleaned up….and Yes I did throw away that onesie with the diaper…she was outgrowing it anyhow!

Fast forward to the front desk of the dentist’s office. I give them all the paperwork and ask for the GIANT Hall Pass and Bathroom key…Henry’s still gotta go remember? So you gotta have the key to get the bathroom door open….you also gotta have 2 free hands to make the stupid thing work (danged doorknob manufacturers, why you have to make the *%#$ doorknob so hard to open?), of which I do not have at the moment……baby, remember? I somehow managed to get the door open..with the help of a 5 yr. old, and we are in! Well you’d think that would be that right? Not a chance! Now we’ve come to find out that the idiot that installed the toilet paper dispenser has placed it just out of the reach of a 5 yr. old! Really? Are you kidding me? It’s a bathroom in a Pediatric dentist office….could they have at least thought of that when installing this stuff? I swear there must be hidden cameras installed somewhere so they can get a laugh while watching me hold a baby and bend over side/backwards (is that possible?) to reach the toilet paper for my son! I’ll give you one guess where the soap dispenser was installed!

Back to the dentist office…where I thought things might actually get better! WRONG. WRONG & WRONG! By the time we were done Henry was scheduled for a tooth pulling on Thursday and 6 return visits! He has one cavity that is near the nerve, hence the pulling! He has 1 cavity in all four quadrants of his mouth..2 will need caps! They will only work on 1 quadrant at a time! He will need to be fitted for a spacer (to replace the tooth being pulled)! He will need laughing gas each of these visits! Well to make this even more confusing, Henry has a heart murmur and I am awaiting an email from the dentist (this is the alternative to us just “swinging by tomorrow” that the dentist suggested) to give to our doctor so that Henry can get a dose of antibiotic before Thursdays procedure (standard procedure for kids with murmurs)….In the meantime I am supposed to get him started on Amoxycilin to prevent an infection! While Henry is getting the last of the X-rays done I am sent to talk to the ‘money lady’ at the front desk! She explains that our dental insurance wont be covering all of this and that I owe them $66 today and will I be paying by cash or credit? WHAT? What do you think lady? The best I can do at the moment is volunteer to clean their bathrooms….I’m getting good at that….maybe we can barter?

With my head swimming I am now on the road back home wondering how in the heck I’m gonna get everything done…After all, Chicken is away this week and I’m on my own! The military life in all its Glory!

When I get home I get Nora fed and load up all the kids to head to the base…gotta try and get this Amoxycilin prescription filled! We get there and the wait was going to be over an hour! I gave them the prescription and told them I would pick it up the next morning…I had 3 hungry boys to feed! Back home we go for an easy meal of mac and cheese and fishsticks…there was supposed to be green beans, but when I opened the microwave this morning there they sat…totally forgotten! Fast forward to this morning and I am still awaiting the dentist’s email with the note for our doctor! But then I never really expected to have it by this morning anyhow, did I?

All in all it was one Valentine’s Day I’ll not soon forget!

Again…Thank Goodness for such sweet little faces!

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  1. Jan Riley says:

    Wow, Angie, wish we there to help you out…You do a wonderful job at handling everything!!!! Hope Brian gets home quick to give you a break….Told Amanda yesterday that I hoped on vacation that you guys would leave the kids with us and you and the kids go out for awhile (Brian to of course haha) Surely between Diana and the two uncles and I we can handle the Hawkins clan haha… you girl,

    1. You aren’t underestimating 3 boys are ya?

      1. Jan Riley says:

        Haha I don’t think so Angie, the uncles are pretty great at entertaining little boys!!!!! I’m sure little Nora won’t be a problem either!!!!

  2. Why do days like that always seem to happen when Dad’s away? 🙂 I’m glad you lived through it with your sense of humor intact. I laughed at your finding the green beans in the microwave next morning. I’ve done that before!

    1. I don’t know Bethany, but it sure does! And as far as the green beans go, at least it was the beans I forgot and not a kid! 🙂

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