PlayDough cakes!

The other day the boys and I were flipping the channels..looking for sports..and we came across one of those cake decorating competitions, so we watched the last 10 minutes or so…just enough time to see the judging of the cakes! I think the only reason they let me leave it there was due to the fact that it was a competition and somebody was gonna win…and there would also be a loser! So long as it’s a competition they, apparently, are willing to watch! Hey, maybe if I can get TLC to make the brides fight for dresses or play tug of war with the veils, they might just let me watch Say Yes To The Dress…I totally love that show! Sometimes I watch it just to make Chicken mad…it’s probably the one thing I watch that he just can’t stand…well that and Gilmore Girls, my most favorite show ever…well that and Everybody Loves Raymond! Wait a sec….Where was I going with this?

I wanna live in Stars Hollow!

Oh Yeah…

Anyhow, they whipped out their playdough the day after and we held a playdough creation competition..sorta like the cake competition we had just seen on T.V. I told them the theme was balls/polka-dots and I was gonna be the judge! Henry decided the ball/polka dot idea was not for him, he was gonna make what he wanted because it was his playdough and he “said so”! Can’t imagine what his future art teacher is gonna do with him! Well anyway, for about 15 minutes there was actually some (brace yourself) peace and quiet around here as they diligently worked on their cakes!

Here is what I ended up judging….

I gave this the Most Creative Award!

This one received the Best Design Award!

This one won the Best Mini Cake Award!

We will definitely have to play this game again….when they are all old enough to actually bake a cake! When will that be? About the same time that I manage to get all the Playdough out of my carpet…. It’s gonna be a while!

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