Dentist chair here we come!

You know, I am constantly amazed at how many unbelievably crazy things can just pop up out of nowhere! Take tonight for instance…

I had Nora in her highchair gumming a toy…poor baby had her 4mo. shots today…and I was serving the boys their dinner, when out of the blue Henry stands up and starts screaming because his tooth hurts! And by screaming I mean the running around in circles wailing kind! So I finally get him to show me where his tooth hurts..not sure what I’m looking at to be honest…and then I give him some milk to drink (thinking maybe the honey on his ham and cheese waffle was the culprit and the milk would help). Yes, we were having something like breakfast for dinner…don’t judge! Anyhow, he manages to knock over the glass of milk…the drawers of the cabinet were open, so you guessed it….milk in at least 3 drawers…and “No” I have no idea why the drawers were open! So now I’m mopping up milk, Henry is still circling the kitchen hollering, Nora has now begun to cry, Samuel has yet to get dinner and Beau wants to know where his drink is! Here’s another little tip for ya….don’t ever turn your back on a waffle iron full of batter..not to clean up spills or even to check on why your child is screaming because batter WILL burn! Now that I’m thinking about it, I’d better check the fire alarm batteries, that thing usually goes off when there is a lot of smoke involved…..Yes, I shamefully know this to be true!

Are you kidding me?

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried!

So, finally Henry’s tooth quits hurting, everyone gets fed (including Nora) and Dad finally (why can’t the work day end at 4?) gets home! Now that Chicken’s home I search for a flashlight to look in Henry’s mouth better (like I have any clue what to look for…Oh look..teeth!) and I do find a flashlight..3 to be exact…and not a one of them works! Jeez, someone tell me again WHY I have so much crap lying around here that doesn’t even work!

Fast forward to the bathroom where Henry is getting help brushing his teeth….I ask him “Did you eat something that could have broken your tooth..what did you eat today”? “Nothing” he replies….”Well, I did swallow some gum one time”! And with that, I am no longer upset about the way the night has gone..I am instead, adoring this little 5 yr. old of mine! Next I ask him if he can get a drink and rinse his mouth out…and he nods his head, jumps up on the toothpaste smeared counter and…..sticks his head under the faucet to get one! Tell me you didn’t do this when you were a kid! Once he’s done he proceeds to rinse his toothbrush out and then shakes the darn thing so fiercely he slings water & toothpaste all over the mirror and cabinet….Ah Hah! This was my lightbulb moment! I can’t tell you how long I’d been wondering how in the *&#% these boys were managing to get toothpaste everywhere….Finally I know!

Then….you thought it was over right?….well not yet! Then, as Henry was getting ready for bed he tells me ” I should have knewn better”! What? “Sometimes I don’t use toothpaste on my toothbrush…I should have knewn better”! How cute is that? Yes, he should have knewn better, but sometimes I’m a little glad he didn’t!

*Somehow in the typing of this post I forgot to mention there was a call to the dentist (had to leave a message, it was after hours, but then you already knew that right? This never would’ve happened had it been during business hours!) Henry will probably get a ride in the dentists chair sometime in the near future! WEE!

Say Aauugghh!

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