SuperBowl fun!

I know, I know the Steelers lost but….

who really cares when you have this to play with during commercials!

Speaking of commercials…these next few pics are of the boys’ favorite one of the night…It was the Pepsi Max one where the girlfriend/wife threw the can at her husband/boyfriend..he ducked and it hit the girl sitting on the bench beside them! Too funny!

She's just pushed his face into the pie!

imagine lots of giggling…

exchanging the hamburger for the soap!

more laughing….

She's about to throw the can!

They were all laughing their heads off at the end of this one…Not sure what it means when their favorite commercials are the ones where there is bodily harm being done!

All right, this next one is for those of you who’ve never experienced a house full of boys…a house full of wild rambunctious boys….a house full of wild rambunctious boys waiting on the Super Bowl to start….a house full of wild rambunctious boys waiting on the Super Bowl to start with a 4 month old baby and her Steelers crazed father..oh yeah, and the obnoxiously loud barking St. Bernard!

Well this is what it looks like…..

Notice the picture is partly blurred? Well thats how I see it most of the time! I swear half the time I don’t know if I’m coming or going! Honest to Goodness there are times when people will say something to me and I have no idea what they are talking about? When I am asked what the kids birthdates might as well have a good book handy because it’s gonna be a while! Heck, I had trouble about a month ago when someone asked me what Nora’s name was! What does this have to do with the SuperBowl and football? I have absolutely no idea…It happens, what can I say!

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