Happy Birthday Henry!

Today my baby boy has turned 5! I can’t believe HENRY is 5….HENRY! He will start kindergarten next Fall….how is that possible? Chicken came home early today and told Henry they were going to lunch together..”Where would you like to go”? “McDonalds!”…..Well, what did you think he was going to say?
And yes it was mostly for the free toy that comes in the Happy Meal..why else would it be so happy?

Anyhow after being gone for all of 30 minutes they came through the door and Henry ran over to Nora and I giving us a big hug…”I missed ya’ll!”. How sweet is that? How am I gonna let him get on a bus and be gone all day? I must admit though that he is trying to make it easier for me…you know by constantly giving me yellow walls to clean in the bathroom, marker marks on my carpet to get out, leaving trails of blue toothpaste throughout the house (you could truly track his daily activities by the toothpaste trail), and the constant whining to play on the Wii…bless his little soul for trying to ease the separation!

Wouldn’t ya know that when I asked what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday he chose Star Wars! I had made a Star Wars Death Star cake for Beau a couple of years ago and he wanted the same thing! He also wanted cupcakes…never mind that it is only the 5 of us eating all of this sugar! I actually just had a piece of the Death Star..alright a cupcake too, and I’m feeling a bit Jabba The Hut’ish!

Well enough talk….on with the pictures!

Cupcakes, Presents & Balloons Oh My!

The Death Star cake…Yes, I am aware of what it looks like, but to a 5 yr. old (Yikes), it looks like a Death Star!

The cupcakes!

I'll Huff & I'll Puff!
Darn those trick candles!

OOPS! I forgot to get a close up before I started eating!

Yeah I got a thumbs up!

The best part…Presents!

Now, I’m off to hug and kiss my big ol’ 5yr. old….right after I wipe the yellow from the wall!

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