What would you bring?

Well I thought we’d play a little game today…….What would you bring? Since most of you are inundated with snow & ice I thought it would be fun to look at warm beach pictures and daydream for a minute!

Oooohhhh.....looks so warm!

So, this is pretty easy…..If you were deserted on a tropical island, what 3 things would you bring with you? Yes, I know that if you are ‘deserted’ you don’t get to choose what to bring with you….my 10 yr. old already informed me of that……but this is my game & I say you get to choose! So…..what 3 things would you choose?

Now, some of you know that I wouldn’t find the beach the most soothing place in the world…I wouldn’t be able to put rogue waves out of my head! Crazy right? Anyhow, for this game today, there are no chances of that, the weather would be perfect and the sand would be warm between my toes! So…….

I asked my boys the what would you bring question and guess what they said??? Peanut butter sandwiches (any kind) & toys (dart guns, balls & legos were at the top of the list)..and a weather station for Samuel!

Me? Well……..

Peanut Butter (big surprise)

The outlander book series (It’s got everything & it’s got Jamie!)

Dr. Pepper (why not right?)

Country music (Jamey Johnson would be best)! I know thats 4 things not 3, but my game remember?

Wish you were here yet?

Now, it’s your turn….What 3 things would you bring? Look for the comment tab at the bottom of this post & Click! I mean really, what else are you gonna be doing….shoveling or de-icing?

I’ll be waiting here…under this cute umbrella, for your answers!

My game...My rules!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jan says:

    hmmm 3 things huh, I’d have to bring my K-love music—gotta have my music, an ample suppy of chocolate chip cookies, all the John Grisham books I haven’t read (since i’m stranded I’d have lots of time to get caught up right) oh wait I know you said 3 but since you got 4 I want 4 haha Id have to find a way to have my Sonic tea with lots of ice!!!!!! When do we leave!!!!!

  2. Kamie says:

    Well, 1st on my list would be my baby girl Sophia and her daddy! It’s so boring to be by yourself. Next, chips and salsa and enough ice cold Dos Equis beers! Who could be on a hot island without cold beer?

  3. Diana Riley says:

    Stranded on a beach, huh?! I would bring my ipod, my sister, and enough margharitas for the day! Hey wait a minute…..I think that sounds like a spring break idea! anyone game?! (:

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