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Water Works part 2

What’s that?


You know I can’t hear you right? I’ll probably never hear anything again after spending the night in this wind tunnel! They’ve turned on 10 hot air blowers, 4 dehumidifiers and pulled up the flooring in the bathroom, kitchen & (sniff, sniff) the babies room!

They (the water abatement co.) will be returning today to see if things are drying out (fingers crossed)! If not, we get to listen to this noise ALL WEEKEND! Once the water is all dried up, the contractor will be out to patch up the ceiling and walls and put down the new floors…the ones I must quickly pick out in the next few days!


Should I try something like this..

or this…

Floor has a two-toned diamond shape

Or stick with pretty much the same thing??`

I’m thinking now is a pretty good time to paint my cabinets out white, something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now! I might as well do it since everything’s a mess….right????

I realize my kitchen wont look like this, but this is inspiration! Love, love, love this…and I can’t even see the floor!

Cute huh?

All right, enough daydreaming…..

I’d better check the flight itinerary….the house should be taking off at any moment!

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