He’d never dream of starting a fight!

No one….but Donald Duck!

Don’t ya miss those old Donald Duck Disney cartoons? Since we are Netflix subscribers our boys have gotten the chance to watch some of those old cartoons….and they LOVE them! Why did they have to quit showing the good ‘ol stuff and try to come up with some new fandangled thing that the kids don’t really even like to watch? If it aint broke…don’t fix it!

Disney….are ya listening?

Anyway, my husband (whose Navy call name is Chickenhawk…and because of such I may just start calling him ‘Chicken’…I know you’re laughing, but I have actually answered the phone in the past to hear someone ask for “Chicken”! ) Ok…..so Chicken took Henry to the grocery store and they came back with Donald Duck orange juice! Boy were he and his brothers delighted…so was Chicken…it was cheaper! Anyhow, the carton was just so darn cute that I wondered if there was anything I could do with it…you know, teach my kids to recycle…..NOT hoard, which I may or may not have a problem with!

Well wouldn’t ya know, the Disney Family Fun Magazine for the month of November had just what I was looking for, a milk money wallet! Of course they didn’t make theirs with the totally awesome Donald Duck carton!

Cute right?

It was really easy to do…just a few simple steps…

Print and cut out template

Cut box so it lays flat (just cut around bottom edge and up one side & then snip off top), wipe the inside dry with a paper towel, and then tape template to the carton. Next, trace around template and on dotted lines, pushing hard so as to score the carton for easy folding

Cut out on newly traced lines & cut out circle hole for the spout..then fold accordian style

Voila! Cute milk money wallet to impress your brothers with!

“Did you really make that?”

“That’s awesome, Can you make me one…or maybe I could just borrow this one?”

For template go to FamilyFun.com/magazine & look for milk money wallet!

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