The Birds!

The kids and I were eating breakfast this morning when a HUGE flock of birds ascended on the trees in the backyard! Of course everyone was hollering for me to get my camera…my oldest was hollering at me to get his BB gun! No silly, I didn’t let him shoot any birds…if anyone was gonna get a shot at them it was gonna be me! Just birds were injured in the taking of these pictures!

Just so you know, there are no leaves on those trees…all birds! I tell ya what…when those things take off it sounds like fluttering thunder! Hey, remember that movie..The Birds?? Maybe Hitchcock was on to something!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. WOW. How great that you managed to get photos! Seems like whenever I see stuff like this I’m driving, or can’t manage to get my camera before it’s gone.

  2. Seems like these birds have been visiting at least two or three times a week here lately! I don’t know what the attraction is..Maybe they’ve never seen a St. Bernard before! HaHa! 🙂

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