New Year’s Resolutions..or something like it!

December 2010

Well if this picture doesn’t capture what goes on around here, then nothing will! The only thing missing is Dad, who is taking the picture…we’ll get ya next time Dad!

I do hope ya’ll are having a wonderful start to the new year..ours is actually pretty quiet..wait, did I just say “quiet”….quick, somebody make sure we’re not in the twilight zone!

As for resolutions, I do have a few…want to hear them?
Here goes…

1. Blog at least 3-5 times a week
2. Start a ‘Picture Of The Day’ for my blog
3. Bake 1 new (old) item from my grandmother’s & great grandmother’s recipe books weekly
4. Make a photo flip book of my kids each month
5. WHAT?…There are only 7 days in a week? Yikes! You’re right..Maybe I better leave it at that!

I should get started on that ‘Picture Of The DAY’! Come back soon to view it!

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