My New Camera!

I love my new camera! Unfortunately for you, I will now be posting lots more pics…but you love looking at my pics anyway dont you?
dont you?
I knew you did!

He really could play the younger Anakin...Don't ya think?

Now, I do not always let my boys have breakfast in the tub, but when you aren’t feeling well, why not?
The Dive IN!!!

The following picture is the 1st of 2 pics..the 2nd is yet to come. You see, we have this gingerbread house tradition…Mom (me) helps the boys build a gingerbread house every year before Christmas…always a lovely gingerbread house I might add…and then, come January 1st, Dad and the boys carry the poor little gingerbread house outside for the traditional “gingerbread house bashing”…with a baseball bat! Yep, that’s right, they all take turns bashing that little house until there’s nothing left but crumbs for the birds! Wonder what little Nora is gonna think of this tradition? Anyhow, here is the BEFORE pic…stay tuned for the AFTER!

Gingerbread House..part 1

Mmmm...We love candy canes!
I also love snow globes! Dollar store ones are the best!
Retro tree decorations...Love em!
Love this one!

Oh all right, you don’t have to cry! I’ll quit..
for now..
see ya soon!

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  1. Looks like you’re having fun with your new camera! I know how “addicting” photo-taking can be … 🙂 Keep it up, and Happy New Year!

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