Month: December 2010

Hello Joe!

I didn’t quite make it up before the sun came up today…maybe tomorrow! At least I made it before the sun had cleared the trees! Considering I will be trying to get my Christmas stuff down and put away, I think I’ll need a few cups of coffee…where […]

My New Camera!

I love my new camera! Unfortunately for you, I will now be posting lots more pics…but you love looking at my pics anyway dont you? . . dont you? . . I knew you did! Now, I do not always let my boys have breakfast in the tub, […]

Food Glorious Food!

So you’re wondering what I’ve been doing since my last post? Food and more food that’s what! I started the Holidays off with crackers & Nutella..just a couple handfuls mind you, and I’ve been going strong ever since! Let’s see, there’s the pecan grandmothers recipe, which I […]

TuTu’s Anyone?

Ok, so I got the rare chance to go shopping (gasp) ALONE the other day, and I must say it was quite productive….for Nora anyway! You’d think after 3 months of constant baby, that the chance to go shopping for MYSELF would have me in a state of […]

Welcome baby Nora!

Our sweet baby girl.. Nora Lillian, with which we are so in love! She has already cast a spell on her three older brothers..future boyfriends beware! 🙂 As you can imagine life has been quite hectic for us the last couple of months…and the time has just flown […]