Homemade School/Homework Bags!

Okay, so after a few days of the boys being in school, the piles of papers were beginning to accumulate on my dining room table again! I have tried folders, divided baskets etc. but nothing really worked for us, and it was always something else that needed its own place to sit! Then I came up with the idea to just sew up some catch all bags for the back of the chairs….it only took a few minutes to make and it has worked great! Anything the boys bring home and take out of their backpacks goes into the bag, and every night Brian and I go through them and read/weed out what we don’t need to keep! I also keep their homework folders for the week in there….you know, the ones the teachers send home on Mondays and expect you to keep up with until Friday when the kids bring them back! I at least feel like I wont forget the things that need to be returned if I have this one spot for everything….that’s the plan anyway! 🙂 Here’s a few pics of the bags. I just cut what material I had in half, sewed the sides up and added ribbon loops for hanging…no measurements or pinning required….anyone who knows me well, knows I’m too impatient to do all of that stuff, I’d rather just estimate and hope for the best!

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