So we looked outside the other morning and this is what we found….

Apparently somebody got bored and decided to tear her bed to shreds! She definitely looks guilty right? Yes, that is her dog house…it’s actually a storage shed, but it was the only thing that was going to be big enough for her! She will be 2 years old in January, is already over 100lbs, and still has lots of growing to do! I thought she would be indoors in the main living area with us, but after the last time we cleaned her up and let her in I changed my mind! It started out alright, but then she wandered into the kitchen……St. Bernard’s can rest their entire head on the top of your table, did you know that? Not only that, they leave plenty of drool behind..not really what I want to clean off my table every day! I was also surprised to find that she was able to reach up onto the cabinets, I certainly can’t deal with that! So, from now on she is banished to the basement and outside!

Mabel enjoying one of the many snowstorms this past winter!
She just loves the snow! I'm hoping to teach her to pull a sled this winter..stay tuned, that could get interesting!

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  1. It’s me again… we have a sibearian husky who is not big, but very hairy and somewhat destructive. We trained him for proper indoor behaivor using a book “The Dog Whisperer”….and we crate trained him, mostly as a puppy. I don’t have to lock him in the crate much now, but that where we feed him, and if anyone comes by who’s afraid of dogs, we can lock him up. It also makes for a great “doggie time out spot” for short punshiments. Good luck with the new baby, I know you will love having your body back!!

    1. We crate trained as well and she doesn’t mind being in her crate if need be….I’ve heard of the Dog Whisperer and should probably get his book and read it..couldn’t hurt!

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