Enough Already!

Okay, so these had better be the last of the pregnancy pics! I am seriously ready to have this baby…and find out for sure what it is! Why am I so ready? Well..maybe it’s the middle of the night pee runs, which require a great deal of planning just to get out of the bed! Not only that, just to turn over in the bed is absolutely ridiculous! The military has to learn to use ropes to climb a wall, well I’d like to see them all learn to use a bedsheet as leverage just to flip a ballooned body over to the other side! Believe me this is no easy task, but it is the ONLY way! I’ve also had just about enough of the heartburn….they say if you have bad heartburn then your baby will have lots of hair. Well if this is true then I’m having bigfoots baby, beause I can’t even eat a piece of bread without getting heartburn…I could be the spokesperson for Pepcid!And I’ve had three kids already, but I’ve never experienced foot swelling until now….I tell you what, by the end of the day my ankles and feet look like those pickled jars of pigs feet…big and ugly! But even with all of these things, the worst of it would have to be the baby deciding to grind it’s head on the nerves in the pelvic region, which you know run down your legs! I bet my neighbors just get a kick out of me walking to the school bus stop every morning and afternoon…I’ll just be walking along and all of a sudden sharp, lightning like pains shoot down my legs making me do the involuntary chicken dance! Oh yeah, pregnancy is just a bowlful of cherries! Good thing at the end of it all you end up with your very own sweetie-pie to take home….Boy am I ready for pie! 🙂

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