Month: September 2010

Oh Baby!

Our last picture as a family of 5! That’s right, tomorrow morning I am going in to be induced! I’m hoping to have a baby by noon! Brian said he had a dream last night the baby was a boy….I dreamed it was a girl…..we’re all placing wagers […]

Homemade Crayons!

So, while Samuel and Beau are at school, I have been trying to do projects with Henry before this baby arrives! Here is one of those projects…homemade crayons. The first step is to find all of the broken, worn down crayons…this should be quite easy, for as you […]


So we looked outside the other morning and this is what we found…. Apparently somebody got bored and decided to tear her bed to shreds! She definitely looks guilty right? Yes, that is her dog house…it’s actually a storage shed, but it was the only thing that was […]

Enough Already!

Okay, so these had better be the last of the pregnancy pics! I am seriously ready to have this baby…and find out for sure what it is! Why am I so ready? Well..maybe it’s the middle of the night pee runs, which require a great deal of planning […]